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Profesionally cleaned bathroom with two sinks

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You’ll work less with longer reservations, and getting started is free. Our simple self management tools allow you to control your listing so that you’re able to easily host amazing people year-round and so that you can increase your property income. You determine the price, availability, and details, and potential guests will send you reservation requests - we’ll only earn our fee when a reservation is confirmed.

Pier in a great Vancouver neighborhood

A sought after type of accommodation

Fulfill a real need for guests of all types, plus get a sense of satisfaction from hosting interesting people. From executives to families, couples, and solo flyers, people look for the space and overall savings you provide, from cozy apartments to luxury accommodations.

“Vancouver Short Stay gave us the ability to rent our furnished suite for one month while we went on holidays. Our strata does not allow short term rentals under 1 month so it was a perfect fit. Thank you Vancouver Short Stay for helping make our holiday more enjoyable.”

Justin, North Vancouver
Member Since 2014

Almost two decades of great stays, since 2002

Admittedly, not every guest you host in your furnished suite will be a movie star, but have a look at the types of guests who have made reservations over the years…

Popular for Relocations

My wife and I loved the feeling at home sensation. Our comfortable and calm suite really facilitated our transition to Vancouver.”

Benoit, 2020
Great for Work and Corporate Rentals

I moved up to Vancouver for work and rented this unit as a short term solution while finding long term housing. Couldn't have picked a better place and host to work with than this unit and the group at Vancouver Short Stay!”

Kyle, 2018
Perfect for Families

Our family had such a wonderful stay this past November. We are finally settled in to our house now and we were thinking back to our move and how much better the experience was for those 2 months. Thanks again very much.”

Jamie & Kathy, 2009


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- Daniel Pennell, President

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