Vacation Rentals Tailored for Longer Stays

Relax and unwind with the comforts of home in a convenient and affordable furnished suite — ideal for your next vacation or family trip.

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Vacation stay rental

Why choose a vacation rental over a hotel for a longer stay?

  • Flexible booking: Choose your preferred dates and easily request extensions.
  • More space: Ideal for families, with more room to stretch out.
  • Budget-friendly: Special rates for 3, 6, and 12-month stays.
  • Full privacy: Enjoy a more independent experience.
  • Fully-equipped: Full-sized kitchens and all home comforts.
  • Laundry access: Convenient in-suite laundry, or on-property laundry rooms.
  • Locations can be found throughout the community, not just in urban centres.
  • Variety of locations: Found throughout communities, not just urban centers.
  • Flexible options: From condos to houses, pet-friendly options available.
Living Room in Vancouver Suite

Value for your money — half the cost, twice the space

Lower nightly rates and far larger spaces compared to hotels, with potential monthly discounts. Save money by cooking your own meals instead of relying on expensive hotel dining options — easily prepare for all of the day trips you have planned.

Luxury Kitchen in Vancouvers Suite

Essential amenities: Kitchens and laundry

Prepare delicious meals with kitchens that have all of the important items for cooking, baking, and dining. Pack light with access to washers and dryers that are in-suite or nearby.

Luxury Kitchen in Vancouver Suite

A greater level of mobility than traditional rentals or hotels

Vacation rentals offer less restrictive terms than traditional rentals, and provide convenient access to dates other than the first of the month. Most hosts are happy to hold future dates too, giving you the ability to extend your stay if needed.

Fireplace in Vancouver Apartment Suite

A more home-like experience while traveling

Enjoy larger living areas, multiple bedrooms, and private outdoor spaces — perfect for families with children, parents on a longer trip, couples, or solo travelers who need extra room to relax.

Parks near Vancouver

Convenient locations and pet-friendly travel

Be close to family in city centers or enjoy quiet neighborhoods near nature, with more choices than typical hotels offer — keep travel times to a minimum.

Many vacation properties accept pets and are near parks or trails, providing a comfortable environment for your furry friends, and a few extra tail-wags.

Greater comfort compared to hotels

A spacious alternative to small hotel rooms, perfect for family visits and mid-term stays.

Affordable rates, convenient locations

Competitive pricing for long-term vacation rentals. Choose from various locations that are close to your preferred destinations.

Flexible and reliable booking

Request a stay from any day of the month in accommodations that meet or exceed Short Stay’s quality requirements. Book online, locally or from afar, and review full photos and details.

Fully furnished vacation rentals

Short Stay has vacation rental homes that include everything you’ll need, from fully equipped kitchens, to extensive furnishings, and the familiar amenities to help you settle in immediately.

Featured reviews

We rented for about 3 months. The place was great! Everything you need, and close to everything. Our host was super nice and really receptive. Had no issues and would recommend and go back."

Justine, March 2024

This was my second time booking for my parents who came for a 1 month vacation from overseas. They absolutely loved the place!”

Barry, October 2023

This place was perfect for my stay. Had everything we needed, the location was amazing. It was clean and comfortable. Felt like home away from home.”

Jade, April 2023